Tuesday, August 25, 2009


New Paper by Peter S. Williams, 'Atheists Against Darwinism: Johnsons' "Wedge" Breaks Through', published by Evangelical Philosophy Society

Newly published on the EPS website:

'Atheists Against Darwinism: Johnsons' "Wedge" Breaks Through'


Intelligent design theory claims that 1) empirical evidence warrants 2) a scientific design inference using 3) reliable design detection criteria. Philosophia Christi published my paper "The Design Inference from Specified Complexity Defended by Scholars Outside the Intelligent Design Movement: A Critical Review" (Philosophia Christi, Vol 9, Number 2), which defended the third of these claims by reviewing the work atheists and theistic evolutionists. This paper defends the second of these claims, likewise by reviewing work by agnostics and atheists.

This paper therefore rounds off a defence of the philosophical elements of Intelligent Design Theory.

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