Monday, June 16, 2008


Clips from 'Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed'

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed - Extended Trailer

Teaser Trailer 1

Teaser Trailer 2

The Darwinist's Perspective (with Dr P.Z. Myers, Dr Richard Dawkins & Dr Peter Atkins)

Mutations & Information (with Dr David Berlinski)

Information (with Dr John Lennox & Dr William A. Dembski)

The Cell (with Dr David Berlinski, Dr Michael J. Behe, Dr Richard Sternberg, Dr Paul Nelson, Dr Gerald Shroder & Dr William A. Dembski)

Implications of Metaphysical Naturalism & Evolution - i.e. Darwinism (with Dr Paul Nelson, Dr Stephen C. Meyer, Dr Steve Fuller, Dr Michael Engor, Dr Jeffery M. Schwarts)

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