Friday, March 30, 2007


Critical Responses to the 'Lost Tomb of Jesus' documentry

In February 2007 the Discovery Channel and HarperSanFrancisco announced the release of"The Jesus Family Tomb," a television documentary and a book claiming to reveal the discovery of Jesus' family tomb, complete with Jesus' bones.

The documentry was made by TV director Simcha Jacobovici, and was produced by Titanic director James Cameron.

If these claims are true then, according to the New Testament itself, Christianity is false (cf. 1 Corinthians 15:13-14).

The majority of scholars, both Christian and Non-Christian, agree that the claims made in 'The Jesus Family Tomb' are not true.

Here are a selection of web-links to resources on the controversy surrounding Jacobovici's claims:

Kirby Anderson, 'Tales From the Crypt: Do We Have the Bones of Jesus?'
Dr. John Ankerberg and Dillon Burroughs 'Nine Facts That Disprove the Discovery Channel's The Lost Tomb of Jesus'
Richard Bauckham, 'The alleged Jesus Family Tomb'
Biola Professors Respond to 'The Lost Tomb of Jesus'
Darell Bock, 'Hollywood Hype: The Oscars and Jesus' Family Tomb - What do they share?'
'A Discussion with Dr. Darrell Bock Regarding Discovery's The Lost Tomb of Jesus' by Dr. John Ankerberg and edited by Dillon Burroughs
Rich Deem, 'The Lost Tomb of Jesus: Have the Bones of Jesus Christ Been Found in Jerusalem?'
Craig A. Evans, 'The Tomb of Jesus and Family?'
Matt Gutman, 'Bones of Contention' (ABC News)
Gary R. Habermas, 'The Lost Tomb of Jesus: A Response'
Melinda Penner, 'The Lost Tomb of Jesus'
Jonathan L. Reed, 'Response to The Lost Tomb of Jesus'
Sceptico: 'The Lost Tomb of Jesus (Not)'
Ben Witherington, 'The Jesus Tomb: "Titanic" Talpiot Theory Sunk From The Start'
Ben Witherington, 'Problems Multiply For Jesus Tomb Theory'
Christianity Today, 'Remains of the Day'
New York Times: 'Leaning on Theory, Colliding With Faith'

'A Response to "The Lost Tomb of Jesus"' - with Ben Witherington

Related Papers on Jesus' Tomb
William Lane Craig, 'The Historicity of the Empty Tomb of Jesus'
William Lane Craig, 'The Guard at the Tomb'

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