Thursday, November 30, 2006


Article on 'The New Atheism' Published

Just a note to highlight the publication of my article on the 'New Atheism', previously posted on this blog, by Damaris Culture Watch @

cf. to watch video of the Beyond Belief conference mentioned in this article.

Steven Weinberg's shallow inaugural speech depends upon such non-arguments as the comparative size of the universe in relation to human beings (size is unrelated to value) and a misunderstanding of the Copernican revolution (which didn't remove the earth from a cosmically important centre stage, but rather elevated the earth from the cosmic sump-hole at the centre of the pre-Copernican/Aristotelian model of the universe, a universe in which hell was at the 'centre', earth one step above hell and the good stuff all happened far 'out there' beyond the primum mobile!)

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