Saturday, July 08, 2006


Resources for your viewing and listening pleasure

Every now and then I like to highlight some ID related resources to readers of this blog - if you've been visiting for a while some of these links will be familiar to you, but I've marked links I haven't advertised before in green:

Watch an amazing 35 min documentary about bacterial flagella research by scientists interested in nano-technology at Osaka University @

Watch the science documentary Unlocking The Mystery Of Life

Watch the science documentary The Privileged Planet

Watch the science documentary Icons of Evolution


The Debate between leading ID theorist Stephen C. Meyer and Astrobiologist Peter D. Ward hosted by the Seattle Times

Dr Steve Fuller (Pro-ID secular humanist) & Dr Jack Cohen discuss ID @

Peter S. Williams & Pete Hearty on Premier Christian Radio: Darwinism vs. ID

Video and Audio Lectures

William A. Dembski, ‘Order and Design: Philosophical Issues’ @

John Lennox, ‘God and Richard Dawkins’ @

Stephen C. Meyer, ‘Intelligent Design Theory’ @

Alvin Plantinga, ‘Evolutionary Arguments Against Naturalism’ @

Granville Sewell, ‘A Second Look at the Second Law - Video’ @

Discovery Institute Links to TV & Radio @

ARN Video Page @

There is a lot of relevant video material in the apologia project video library from the likes of Michael J. Behe, David Berlinski, Phillip E. Johnson, Dean Kenyon, Robert C. Koons, Scott Minnich, Robert C. Newman & Jonathan Wells @

Graphics (origins graphics) & (molecular machine museum)

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