Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Skeptical Psychologist Trashes ID

In Skeptical Inquirer (volume 30, Issue 3) psychologist Scott O. Lilienfeld opines that ID is:

'an armchair conjecture that has flown under the radar of peer review and has yet to generate a single confirmed scientific prediction.'

But against this:

1. ID is not an 'armchair conjecture', since it is open to empirical confirmation and falsification.

2. ID has not flown under the radar of peer review:

3. ID has generated confirmed scientific predictions.

For example, ID theorists predicted that so-called 'junk DNA' would be less common than Darwinian assumptions led scientists to think. Increasingly, 'junk DNA' is being shown to be no such thing (cf. As biologist Jonathan Wells says: 'It could have saved us 25 years if an ID approach to "junk" DNA had been pursued back when it was discovered.' (

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