Saturday, May 13, 2006


Watch & Listen On-Line

I've recently been compiling a list of on-line resources which present material on ID which one can watch or to which one can listen. I thought I'd share my collected links with you!

Watch the science documentary Unlocking The Mystery Of Life

Watch the science documentary The Privileged Planet

(But if you want the extras, you'll have to buy the DVD's!)

I highly recommend watching and/or listening to the recent debate between leading ID theorist Stephen C. Meyer and Astrobiologist Peter D. Ward hosted by the Seattle Times (see previous post)

Peter S. Williams & Pete Hearty on Premier Christian Radio: Darwinism vs. ID

ARN Video Page

Discovery Institute Links to TV & Radio

There is also a lot of relevant video material in the apologia project video library from the likes of Michael J. Behe, David Berlinski, Phillip E. Johnson, Dean Kenyon, Robert C. Koons, Scott Minnich, Robert C. Newman & Jonathan Wells @

I particularly enjoyed the lecture by Koons and the interview with Berlinski...

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