Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Hear me debate ID on Premier Christian Radio

I've been invited to take part in a debate/phone-in radio show on Britains' Premier Christian Radio. The show is called 'Unbelievable', and is hosted by Justin Brierley. The show I'll be on goes out this Saturday (11th Febuary) at lunch time, starting at 12:05pm UK time.

You can listen in on-line @, or on your TV if you have 'freeview', 'Sky Digital' etc. You can also take part by calling 08450 212121

The subject of the show is intelligent design theory, and I'll be debating with Peter Hearty of the National Secular Society (see for yourself what Mr Hearty thinks of intelligent design theory by reading his article 'Intelligent Design Leads Religious Renaissance' @

From Premier Christian Radio's website:

'Can Christianity really live up to the claims it makes? Justin Brierley invites you to join the debate by calling 08450 212121.'

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