Thursday, November 24, 2005


Back in Time: A Thinking Fan's Guide to Doctor Who

Just published with Damaris Books, Back in Time explores the recurring themes and ideas that underpin this most intelligent of popular science fiction shows, which made a triumphant return to British television this year. I co-authored this book with Steve Couch (editor of Damaris Books) and Tony Watkins (author of Dark Matter: A Thinking Fan's Guide to Phillip Pullman).

Of particular interest to readers of this blogg may be sections of the book dealing with Doctor Who's generally scientistic treatment of the relationship between science and religion, and the discussion about the implausibility of the real-life existence of aliens - which is also a discussion of intelligent design theory!

'Fascinating and intelligent - a must for anyone who's ever considered the why of Who.' - Rob Shearman, Scriptwriter on the 2005 series of Doctor Who

'This is a fun book for fans of the Doctor who want to go further into the programme's history, its trivia and its big questions of God, the universe and what it means to be human.' - Dr. David Wilkinson, author and lecturer in science and theology at the university of Durham

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