Monday, October 31, 2005


ID in Europe

Two pieces of news that should be of interest to anyone with the mistaken impression that ID is an exclusively American pre-occupation.

First, the recent day conference on ID in Prague, attended by some 700 people from 18 nations, organized by Charles and Carole Thaxton (cf.

European speakers at the conference included philosopher and mathematician David Berlinski (France), Oxford University mathematician John Lennox (UK), molecular phycistist Cees Dekker (Netherlands) and phycisist Dalibor Krupka (Slovacia).

Second, I noticed that one of the rebuttals submitted to the current Dover school board hearing in America is from Steve William Fuller, Professor of Sociology at the University of Warwick (UK). Fuller has both an MPhil and a PhD in the history & philosophy of science, and argues that:

'...contrary to various opinions expressed in the Expert Reports, ID is a legitimate scientific inquiry that does not constitute "religion" in a sense that undermines the pursuit of science more generally or, for that matter, undermines the seperation of State and Church in the US Constitution.' (cf.

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