Sunday, September 25, 2005


Two Questions to ask of ID: Part Two

If you accept the first claim of ID, that intelligent design can be reliably infered from the right kind of physical evidence, then one faces a second question: 'Does anything in nature provide the right kind of evidence for a design inference?' If you answer this second question positively as well as the first question, then you accept intelligent design theory. It's that simple.
ID theorists have suggested a number of distinct evidences for intelligent design in nature:
The anthropic fine-tuning of the Big Bang
The anthropic fine-tuning of our solar system
The origin of self-replicating life (especially the DNA code)
The existence of irreducibly complex bio-molecular machines
The 'Cambrian explosion' of basic body plans
The origin of the basic human (homo) body-plan
A little surfing among the recommended ID links on this blog should bring you to presentations of the relevent evidence, including presentations in peer-reviewed papers, for your consideration. The best place to start this process on-line would be the Access Research Network site (where I am a featured author).
Before becoming convinced of the merits of ID I thought of myself as a theistic evolutionist and spent over a year reading books and articles by ID proponents, weiging up their arguments. During this time of inquiry I was particularly impressed by the work of Michael J. Behe, William A. Dembski and Stephen C. Meyer. I highly recommend their jointly authored book with Ignatius Press: 'Science and Evidence for Design in the Universe'.
For an introduction to ID I also highly recomment the Illustrated Media DVD: 'Unlocking the Mystery of Life'.

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