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Unbelievable? The Conference 2012

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Craig v Atkins: Does God Exist? (Manchester 2011)

On Wednesday 26th October 2011 Dr William Lane Craig debated Dr Peter Atkins on the topic: Does God Exist? The debate took place at the University of Manchester  as part of the UK Reasonable Faith Tour with William Lane Craig.

The debate was chaired by Christopher Whitehead, Head of Chemistry School at the University.
A (rather hurried) post-debate discussion was moderated by yours truly, Peter S. Williams, Philosopher in Residence at the Damaris Trust, UK.

Dr Atkins was just as much against philosophy as he was against theism - indeed, he seems to be against theism because he is against philosophy!

After the debate I recall being questioned by several students who couldn't quite believe what they had heard Dr Atkins say in the debate - that there is no need to explain the existence of the universe by appealing to the existence of God since nothing exists. These are the self-contradictory lengths to which Atkins is driven in order to avoid the God conclusion!

Full Debate MP3 Audio here (1hr 50min)

(Thanks to Apologetics315.com)

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