Monday, January 18, 2010


Alvin Plantinga Interview

I'd like to draw attention to this interesting CPX interview with Christian philosopher Alvin Plantinga, recorded at Notre Dame University:

Part I: Reasons for God

Plantinga explains why he believes there is a God, and gives us a summary of his argument that says naturalism cannot be rationally believed.

Part II: Where Richard Dawkins goes wrong

Plantinga suggests that Richard Dawkins is not only weak in argumentation, but that his conception of human nature is unlovely and dispiriting.

Part III: Sure Faith Without Proof

Why faith makes sense even though we can't 'prove' its worth and truth.

Part IV: Is God Good?

In the final part of the interview, Plantinga responds to the criticism that the God of Old Testament is a moral monster. He also goes on to describe the hardest aspects of being a believer and the ways he has experienced God in his life.

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