Tuesday, October 06, 2009


What does discovery of planet with a 'remarkable resemblance to Earth' mean for Rare Earth hypothesis?

As reported by the Metro paper (Sept 17, 2009):

'A newly discovered planet that is the smallest yet found outside our solar system bears a remarkable resemblance to Earth...'

How 'remarkable' is this 'resemblance to Earth'? Does this discovery threaten to overturn the Rare Earth hypothesis?

'"Corot-7B is a rocky "super-Earth" with a solid surface and similar density to our terrestrial home.'

So, pretty Earth-like then?

Not a bit of it.

Corot-7B is '80 percent larger and five times heavier' than Earth.

Moreover, the Metro adds: 'don't pack your bags just yet - its much closer to its star than we are to the Sun, meaning the temperature on the surface is up to 1,500 [degrees Celsius] and no known life could survive there.'

And, remember, that's a planet that 'bears a remarkable resemblance to Earth'!

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