Saturday, February 28, 2009


Alexander & Williams Debate Theistic Evolution vs. Intelligent Design Theory

First published in July 2006 by ISCID, 'Intelligent Designs on Science', my surreply to theistic evolutionist Denis Alexander's critique of ID, is now re-published in two parts by UCCF's apologetics website

Whereas our debate straddled three venues before, this development means that now host the entirety of my written debate with Dr. Alexander:

1) Denis Alexander, Creation or Evolution? Hot Issues for the 21st Century

2) Peter S. Williams, Theistic Evolution & Intelligent Design in Dialogue (also available here from

3) Denis Alexander, Designs on Science

4) Peter S. Williams, Part 1 - Intelligent Designs on Science: A Surreply to Denis Alexander’s Critique; Part 2 - Intelligent Designs on Science: A Surreply to Denis Alexander's Critique (also available here as a single pdf document from ISCID)

As I hope the end of my surreply makes clear, there is significant common ground between Dr Alexander and myself, and I value him deeply as a fellow Christian believer with whom I happen to have an intellectual disagreement over an issue I'm sure we would both describe as being of secondary theological importance.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Discussing "The Atheist's Bible"

New podcast in which I discuss the book The Atheist's Bible with its author, American journalist Joan Konner, on Premier Christian Radio.

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