Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Gold Award for Debating Intelligent Design on Radio

I just received the following press release from Premiere Christian Radio,
concerning the episode of Justin Brierly's Unbelieveable show in which I debated Intelligent Design Theory vs. Darwinism with Peter Hearty of the National Secular Society (cf. www.arn.org/docs/williams/pw_radiodebate.htm & www.premier.org.uk/engine.cfm?i=836):


Premier Christian Radio has been presented with a gold medal at the New York
Festival Awards
for an episode of its new interfaith debate show, Unbelievable.
The winning programme features a live call in and regularly brings together
leading scholars from Christian and non-Christian backgrounds to tackle
some of the most complex aspects of belief.

Long time Premier staff member, Justin Brierley produced and presented the
award winning show on evolution that features Atheist Pete Hearty of the
National Secular Society defending the theory of Evolution, while Peter
Williams of the Damaris Trust argues for Intelligent Design.

"We chose this particular debate because it is timely." Brierley said.
"There are a number of court cases in the USA discussing what public schools
should be teaching regarding evolution and similar heat is now being
generated in the UK over schools that have included Intelligent Design on
their syllabus."

The evolution episode of Unbelievable has secured the programme it's first
award, within a year of going to broadcast. Brierley is thrilled. "For us to
win an award so early on in the life of the show is wonderful, but for it to
be a gold world medal at the New York Festival Awards is astounding."
Commented Brierley, who left Premier's Breakfast Crew earlier this year to
work on the live Saturday show, Unbelievable.
"Unbelievable is like nothing else on Premier." Premier's Chief Executive,
Peter Kerridge said. "For us, the show is about opening up dialogues with
other faith groups and focusing on those giant issues we all have questions

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