Thursday, November 10, 2005


Themelios review of 'I Wish I Could Believe In Meaning'

The new edition of theology journal Themelios carries a glowing review of my book I Wish I Could Believe In Meaning: A Response To Nihilism (Damaris, 2004). Here are the edited highlights:

'...easy to read, fantastically informative... highly entertaining and jam-packed with quotable quotes and references to films, TV and most other aspects of the world with which anyone below 30 will be familiar. But don't be deceived, this is a serious book! Williams engages with mainstream philosophy, science and theology in order to make a cogent argument for believing in God and thereby in meaning. He very effectively takes on Richard Dawkins... With considerable style, Williams demonstrates the extent to which naturalism is fatally flawed... Buy this book to give to any thinking non-Christian who has been awakened to the indestructible questions of meaning and purpose... It is a model of contemporary apologetics...' - Dominic Smart (p. 135-136.)

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